The Munay Fundacion Canaria develops initiatives and projects aimed at improving people’s quality of life and creating the conditions to affirm a new, more equitable and sustainable vision of the world.


The donations received are aimed at the development of the Foundation’s projects which are planned from time to time in the course of its activity. These projects have a formative value as they mark the stages of a path of awareness that leads to the growth of the person, to his awareness, to the achievement of individual and collective Wisdom within his own Community.


For these reasons, the Foundation offers donors various opportunities for growth to ensure that the donation, as well as aimed at the realization of specific projects, can through a minimum amount, established according to the ‘entity of the proposal, to allow the donor to take advantage of personal growth paths that for their value would not be accessible to most. These opportunities, of free choice, promoted by the Foundation, are given through the Munay Training School which is commissioned by the Foundation to promote and implement the proposals for scholarships and training bonuses that the Foundation decides to combine with donations.


This does not mean that donors can freely choose to simply donate the sum they deem finalizing it to the life of the Foundation, to a specific project, and in fact become part of the Community and / or decide to take advantage of one of the various training proposals in combination.


There may therefore be different membership fees that are actual donations, sharing to one or more people, who in turn will make another donation of the same content, thus allowing access the facilitation and contents of the training proposal. (The information relating to this type of proposal will always be visible in detail on the Foundation’s website due to the combined initiative).


The acceptance of donations is made in full transparency and each donor can ask for information on the development of the projects, on the overall amount of funds received as donations, on the progress of the projects themselves in their development. Just as the donor can ask to preserve their anonymity, except for those donations combined with scholarships and bonuses which for obvious reasons require the inclusion of their personal data.


The Foundation reserves the right to make all the changes it deems necessary to this regulation in full autonomy with the commitment to communicate it to the members of the Community promptly through publication on the site.


L’accettazione delle donazioni viene fatta in piena trasparenza e ogni donatore può chiedere informazioni sullo sviluppo dei progetti, sull’entità complessiva dei fondi ricevuti in donazione, sull’andamento dei progetti stessi nel loro svolgimento. Così come il donatore può chiedere di preservare il proprio anonimato, salvo per quelle donazioni abbinate alle borse di studio e ai bonus che per ovvie ragioni richiedono l’inserimento dei propri dati personali.


La Fondazione si riserva di apportare tutte le modifiche che riterrà necessarie al presente regolamento in piena autonomia con l’impegno di comunicarlo ai membri della Community tempestivamente tramite la pubblicazione nel sito.